Your claim in three steps

We charge €150+VAT for the assessment of your claim against the bank and for dealing with all administrative matters. Our associated lawyers in Spain, all certified Abogados, will then file the claim.

The average compensation is EUR 15,000.

1 – Let’s talk

Contact Del Canto Chambers and ask for a review of your Spanish mortgage. Our team of lawyers and floor clause claims specialists will be on hand to help with your query.

Call: +44 207 043 0648

2 – Processing your claim

The cost of processing your claim against the bank is €150 + VAT.

To complete the process we will need some mandatory documents from you. We will send you a checklist, so you can see the documentation needed.

3 – Recovering overpaid interest

If you claim is accepted and it succeeds, you will be refunded the overpaid interest.

Start right now

You can start your claim here on this page, or visit Del Canto Chambers for more information on Spanish litigation.

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You can call us on: +44 207 043 0648 for a consultation with one of our legal representatives - this puts you under no obligation to use our services.

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Additional comments

What are floor clauses?

Floor clauses are found in some mortgage contracts and state that the interest payable shall never be less than a certain percentage. This so-called ‘floor’ on the mortgage means repayments on the mortgage will never be less than that minimum amount, even if the rate on which repayments are indexed has fallen to lower levels.

How does the Claim Process Work?

We charge €150+VAT for the preparation of the claim and for dealing with all administrative matters.